‘Blockbuster’ Trailer Is At Fingertips


The moment is finally at a stone’s throw. It’s at fingertips. The time to witness the magnificence and creative brilliance of India’s most acclaimed commercial director S Shankar once again has come. If reports from Chennai are to be believed, Shankar and Vikram’s latest flick ‘Manoharudu’ is ready with their theatrical trailer.

Deadly combo of Shankar and Rahman are vigorously working from a couple of weeks on the background score of ‘Manoharudu’ (Ai in Tamil). Audio launch of this flick is planned for September 15th in a never before seen kind of grand event. Before that, today they are going to unveil the first ever trailer of the movie, chirps Chennai folks.

Until now there is no speck of info about this high budgeted commercial flick, except the fact that Vikram and Amy Jackson are playing leads. Buzz is that Vikram is playing dual roles in the movie, one a fatter one, another one as a thin guy. If the trailer is released as rumored, then ‘Manoharudu’ will start casting its magical spell, as already movie lovers are hailing as a ‘blockbuster’ in the making.