Trailer Talk: Is Mahesh Okay With This?


From quite a few months, a movie named ‘Superstar Kidnap’ is in the offing, and it is different because it deals with kidnap of Superstar Mahesh Babu. Trailer of this flick is released today, though it evinces no interest technically and screenplay wise, the very concept of kidnapping Mahesh is something new.

If we have to decipher the trailer, it is about jobless guys who want to settle down with riches in life. Finally they hatch a plan to kidnap none other than Superstar and earn money. This plot looks simple, but finding ways to abduct Mahesh for ransom is a real complex thing. Also we have to see if Mahesh will allow this story on silver screen, as Censor Board will surely ask the makers of flick to get a written permission from Mahesh to accept that. Let us see if Mahesh will be okay with this or not.

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