Trailer Talk: Mega Daughter’s Routine Wedding

For a long time, Mega daughter Niharika Konidela is teasing her fans about upcoming “Happy Wedding”. And finally, she has come up with the trailer of the movie, where she joined hands with hero Sumanth Ashwin.

Directed by Lakshman Karya, the film deals with the usual story of cool boy loves a naughty girl and then gets engaged. The Vijayawada’s romantic boy gets engaged to Hyderabad’s girl here in this case. And then the crucial turn of the story is, ‘why boys change their behaviour once a girl says ‘yes’ to him?’. Rest of the film is about how they break up and reunite.

While the visuals look cool, Thaman’s background score has lifted them well. Shakti Kanth Karthick’s songs are also impressive. Cut to actors, Sumanth is good, while Niharika portrayed her best yet again in an emotional role. Unlike ‘Oka Manasu’, here naughtiness is put forward rather just sticking to pathos all the time.

All other actors complimented with their dialogue timing and presence, while Annapurna and Naresh stand out. For now, the wedding is routine, but if the screenplay is good, it may turn super happy on the silver screen.