Transgenders File Case Against TDP MP!

Film comedian-turned-Telugu Desam Party MP from Chittoor Dr N Sivaprasad’s disgusting theatrics in front of august Parliament house in the name of demanding special category status to AP and other issues, have not only incurred massive criticism not only from his fellow parliamentarians and people on the social media, but also from the “other sex.”

Known for sporting strange make-ups every day during the Parliament sessions just to attract the attention of the media, Sivaprasad came to Parliament a couple of days ago, wearing the make-up of a transgender (eunuch), making obscene gestures at fellow MPs, media persons and other visitors.

He called the Prime Minister “Modi Baava” in a typical eunuch style and wanted that the state be blessed with the boons as was promised in the past.

He even sang songs imitating transgenders, much to the disgust of the other MPs and visitors.

He even greeted Congress leader Sonia Gandhi with obscene gestures at the Parliament entrance and she just sarcastically complimented him for being a good actor.

Naturally, Sivaprasad’s theatrics angered the real Hijra community.

On Sunday, several transgenders took out a rally in Nandyal and lodged a complaint with the police, alleging that the TDP MP had humiliated them by imitating their style in front of Parliament House.

“He has no business to insult our community by showing us in wrong way. He should tender an unconditional apology or the police should file a case against him for hurting our sentiments and damaging our image,” they complained.