Tribute to Pawan Kalyan – Power of Powanism !

The name of Pawan Kalyan itself is enough to pass the vibrations and the list of his admirers keep growing with each passing day. Apart from the huge fan base, a large number of people from the film industry keeps chanting his name all the time.
A fan made video which shows 60 celebrities talking about Pawan Kalyan is a tribute to one of the greatest human beings we have ever come across. The people from different crafts of filmmaking who watched him closely over the past few years have expressed their genuine opinion on Powerstar. This is a very rare achievement, as no other actor is
able to get till date. Mark that every word is spoken from their heart!
Stars come and go, but a person like Pawan will remain in the hearts of his admirers forever. Pawan Kalyan is the ‘ONE And ONLY’, No one can neither replace him nor surpass him, but just follow what he wants to say and what he wants to do! Take A Bow – Powerstar, You completely deserve it!!!