Trivia: Renu’s Marriages In The Presence Of Kids

The woman in the discussion from the last couple of days is none other than Renu Desai as she’s getting married yet again. With Pawan Kalyan’s fans and some fans in the name of PK fans, trolling her big time, the news is all over from newspapers to digital editions, TVs to Radio stations.

An interesting observation is that like how this new marriage of Renu Desai is happening in the presence of her kids, even her previous marriage also happened the same way. Actually both Pawan Kalyan and Renu were in a live-in relation back then until the former got cleared of a divorce from his first marriage to one Nandini of Vizag. And just before he took charge in Prajarajyam Party, Pawan married Renu in 2009 at a low key ceremony. By that time, the couple already had a 5-year old son.

And now, Renu has 14-year-old Akira and 8-year-old Aadhya, who will be bearing witness to her second marriage to a businessman from Pune. Surprisingly both the times, her marriages are happening in presence of kids only. This is a regular sighting in western countries, where couple bears children early, but get married only after they could afford a big fat wedding at a church, at least a costly wedding gown.