Trivikram Didn’t Recover From The Blow??

Other day actually it was supposed to be first ever public appearance of the Agnyaathavasi team at a film event after pulling out a mega debacle with that Sankranthi release. While both Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram are expected to sparkle at Chal Mohan Ranga pre-release event, the director’s absence is conspicuous.

Some insiders say that he wants to come out only after the completion of Jr NTR’s film. But with Trivikram producing this Chal Mohan Ranga and also being a writer of the story, one wonders why he didn’t turn up. However, there is another reason being heard from people close to him.

“If Trivikram comes to this meeting, he should either praise the film or he should shower those flowers on Pawan Kalyan. He has done similar stuff at Agnyaathavasi pre-release event also and after the film misfired badly he’s hurt emotionally. He didn’t recover from the blow. That’s why he doesn’t want to do that flattery until he scores a big hit with Jr NTR’s movie. He turned similarly after Khaleja’s flop show also” said a source.

Of course, any filmmaker will have ups and downs but the likes of Trivikram, Sukumar and few other directors seem to be very emotional. Let not these successes at box office affect their personalities.