Trivikram Lacks Concentration For Own Film

Some directors generate huge craze for them with their self-styled scenes and dialogues. Maverick maker Trivikram stands tall among such fellows. Here goes a titbit about him.
Trivikram Srinivas is soon coming up with ‘Julayi’ that got stylish star Allu Arjun and curvaceous beauty Ileana in the leads. Insiders are saying that they are little worried about the output of this film. This is due to the director’s lack of concentration on the work he is handling. Apparently, Trivikram is busy assisting many other films in terms of their script when the shooting of ‘Julayi’ is going on.
Other than ‘Gabbar Singh’, he is the member of discussion board for Sunil’s latest one too. They sat that these diversions have affected his main work. However, Trivikram is the kind of guy who can handle multiple projects at once with ease. Provided with the stamina he got, there is no doubt that ‘Julayi’ comes inferior and we have to wait for the movie’s release to make final comments.