Trivikram Not So Confident On Pawan’s Win?

Apparently, writer-director Trivikram’s comments about a future reuniting with Pawan Kalyan for a film has led to many discussions now. And some people are opining that the star director is not confident of his friend’s victory in 2019 election and also his political future.

“In 2014, we prepared KoBali script but Pawan said that he wants to take one year break to play role in politics. So we’ve called the film off.  And if Pawan Kalyan becomes free after 2019 and decides to act in films, then definitely we will take that project forward” said Trivikram, talking about that script which has never seen light till date.

Going by this, one has to say that Trivikram is not so confident that Pawan will get busy in politics full time. Either this well-wisher is thinking that Janasena President will play his role and comeback to films after 2019, or he might be indicating that Pawan will walk off with empty hands, say netizens.

But there are those who are looking at that silver lining in a positive way. They think that maybe Pawan Kalyan will take late NTR’s route, who has continued in films even after becoming Chief Minister. Let’s see what is in store for Pawan and what will happen to KoBali.