Trivikram under Pawan Kalyan influence!

It is an open secret that Pawan Kalyan and director Trivikram are close buddies. They have turned friends ever since they teamed up for Jalsa. Both have similar ideologies and are avid book readers. They both have superb knowledge on literature and world cinema.
Close sources to Pawan and Trivikram say that they spend time together speaking about various things whenever they meet in free time. We can see that there is a big influence of Pawan Kalyan on Trivikram in his speeches. Trivikram might be an emotional person like Pawan, but his gestures and the way he speak resembles Pawan a lot.
Trivikram’s speech about Sirivennela at Maa Music awards is a fine example for Pawan’s influence on the star writer/director. Pawan fans could easily identify this. Especially the way he salutes is straight out of Powerstar’s book. Good news for Pawan fans is that Trivikram is soon going to work with his favorite person/hero again. Let’s hope it would be bigger than Jalsa.