Trivkram Is Not Giving Up Bag Sentiment

Each director has a taste for visuals, looks and genre. But when this becomes redundant, then audiences feel bored. Seems like guruji Trivikram’s bag sentiment also falls into the very same boring category.

Latest poster of “Aravinda Sametha” shows Jr NTR taking a stroll with a travel bag hanging from his shoulders. If you could remember, posters with bags have earlier come out from S/o Satyamurthy, A..Aa and also Khaleja. Is that a sentiment to showcase heroes posing with bags on the posters?

People who know Trivikram very closely are saying that there is a philosophy behind this. Man’s journey itself is all about travelling from place to place and that travel is what that has created civilizations. In almost all of Trivikram’s movies, he shows the protagonist travelling from one place to other and that’s where the drama gets the twists. Probably he wants to give a message that life is all about travelling.

Well, that summarises to the fact that Trivikram is showing his own life as well all the time as he himself travelled all the way from Bhimavaram to Hyderabad to become what he is today!!