Trojan horses In Telangana Congress?

The worst fears of the Congress Party in Telangana seems to be coming true! The Party, which fears possible trojan horses in its ranks received the first hit in the face with a senior Party leader leaving it to join the ‘Pink’ brigade!

Former unified Andhra Pradesh Speaker and senior Congress Party leader K R Suresh Reddy joining the Telangana Rashtra Samithi will surely be a bad omen for the grand old party of Indian Politics which is working overtime to evoke confidence among its cadre and leaders across Telangana State.

Suresh Reddy’s announcement to join TRS, in the presence of KTR, who is being seen as the Chief Minister-in-waiting is likely to have a negative impact on the morale of the Congress party, which is scrambling to make-up to the lost time in identifying the right candidates to contest polls on the Party ticket.

Now, the Congress Party would be on the vigil to identify more such trojan horses, who might desert the Party at crucial moments or work against its interests during the ensuing Assembly Elections.