TRS fans worried over ‘Bhatukamma sarees’!

Once again it is that time of the year when the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi-led Government is gearing up to distribute sarees to women across Telangana State to mark Bhatukamma festival, which falls before Dussehra.

It is a known fact that the mega saree-distribution program received severe criticism last year for various counts. A large section of women were unhappy over not receiving the sarees, and those who received were unhappy with the quality on those. Though the ruling Party led by the Chief Minister KCR himself tried hard to downplay the entire issue and called the trouble as isolated incidents.

CM even said that except for a handful of women in few places, women across the State were happy with the sarees-distribution program. Photographs of women smiling, holding the sarees were released to the media to strengthen KCR’s claims.

This year too, the TRS is hoping sarees distribution program will be a huge success and would yield electoral success to the Party in the upcoming Elections to the Telangana State Assembly.

However, a section of followers and KCR fans are worried over the scheme, and its possible outcome! A senior journalist, who is a huge fan of the TRS supremo has expressed concerns over the Bhatukamma sarees distribution. He attributed the message he posted on his Facebook wall to an average women in the State of Telangana, who is unhappy over being given polyester sarees for the festive season.

The journalist’s message indicates that polyester sarees are out of fashion, and women in Telangana do not wear those sarees now. The senior scribe raised concerns that the move might have an adverse impact on the Party in the period when the State is about to go into the Election phase.

When asked about the same, Rukkamma, a daily wage labourer from Munugode mandal in Nalgonda district said, “Last year, I wasted an entire day to get the saree, which I did not even wear! Am not sure if I would like to waste another day to collect a saree which is not of great quality. I instead would wait and see the quality of sarees being distributed from other women in my village and then will decide if I really want to go and stand in queue to collect it. However, I do not mind taking it, if the saree is delivered at my doorstep.”