TRS hits hard on Centre’s back!

Here’s something that Centre is got to react on the alleagtions made by the TRS MP Vinod Kumar who hit back on the Central Government about taking the issue of power crisi in Telangana so lightly and granted. MP has fired the officials for showing bias to the states and for not implementing the Reoraganisation act to the fullest. 
After the meeting with the Union Power Secretary he addressed the media saying that Centre should intervene into the power crisis problem in Telangana State and resolve it immediately. He urged in implementing the AP Reorganization Act in full force. The TRS MP also asked the Centre to grant them the rightful share from the Lower Seeleru, Krishnapatnam and Anantapur Power Grids as initial steps to overcome the crisis that has been a biggest problem of the state for its agriculture also.
He even claimed that AP has less coal availability but also got many power production projects which seems to be a partial act to the AP state. However, the reorganisation act should be implemented was the stressed subject and give Telangana its right share in all kinds of things.