‘TRS Will Not Even Win Single Seat in South Telangana’

Congress leader Komatireddy Venkat Reddy has stated that TRS will not even win a single seat in the Southern Telangana. Komatireddy claimed that Congress is stronger in the Southern part of the Telangana and stated that Congress would clean sweep the South Telangana.

Komatireddy also made shocking comments against the TDP and Maha Kutami. He stated that TDP has no vote base in Telangana and stated that the alliance with TDP wouldn’t favour the Congress in the state. He stated that he would meet Congress president Rahul Gandhi and would explain him in detail against the alliance. He said even if there is a grand alliance, Komatireddy stressed that Congress shouldn’t allot more than 10 seats to the alliance partners.

Komatireddy said KCR has failed to explain to people on why he is going for early elections. The Deputy Floor Leader of Congress said that KCR doesn’t have a proper answer to it. Confident Komatireddy said that Congress would storm to power and the party is ready to fight elections anytime.