TRS, YSRCP to wipe out Cong!

Many political analysts who are analyzing the current developments in AP are of opinion that TRS and YSRCP will merge with Cong one day or the other. Many even started predicting the dates for their merger while some say the current public postures from all the three parties suggest some developments towards merger.
However if one look at the behavior of Jagan of YSRCP or KCR of TRS, merger will be distant mirage for Cong. All the parties irrespective of their public postures know that YSR CP and TRS will sweep seemandhra and telangana regions. Jagan and KCR are such authoritative and dictatorial leaders that they don’t like to work under anyone’s leadership or bow to be cowed down which Cong president Sonia Gandhi expects her party leaders to be. So in that way merger of both the parties with Cong is ruled out.
Both of them are out to wipe out Cong from the map of AP and then rule according to their whims and fancies. They will blackmail Union Govt whoever it may be to meet their political ends. There will be hard bargaining even with Cong if it comes seeking their support. They are out to teach Cong and Sonia a lesson and with coverts like ministers for YS.Jagan and T-MPS and MLAs for KCR their task is becoming easier than expected.