TTD’s bizzare ways

TTD trust which is constituted to take care of the activities of Tirumala Temple and maintain its sanctity is completely failing in its mission due to the politics involved in the board. The moment politicians become the Chairman of the trust, it is natural that politics will be played at each and every level of its operations. During YSR’s regime a move was made to restrict temple vicinity and sanctity to only two hills and making other 5 hills accessible to all religions and all operations. This is like opening door and according red carpet welcome to illegal activities.
However the Govt backed off after facing lot of criticism and opposition from all quarters. More recently an agent was caught selling five VIP darshan tickets for 13000Rs. Many allege that all this is happening in connivance of the board members as nothing will happen without their knowledge. Many times devotees noticed similar rackets in distribution of prasads and laddoos. When its own employee was caught indulging in preaching Christianity and influencing people to convert and embrace the religion, no action was taken and the matter was hushed up just by transferring the erring employee to Tirupathi.
They just said that from now on they would make all devotees to sign a form expressing their belief in Hindu religion. One wonder how come mere declaration of belief will put a stop to conversions or canvassing of other religions in temple premises. Many feel that just like in ‘Mecca’ where non believers are not allowed people from other religions should be banned from entering Tirumala. In Mecca all those who enter will be forced to have ‘beef’ with Khalif himself putting each piece in the mouths of devotees. In that way other religious people once they have that beef they will be treated as embraced to Islam. But similar measures can’t be expected from the so called ‘secularists’ ruling our country.