TV Anchor roped in Bhanu’s Case !

Former TV Anchor is in big trouble as the CID police, who were investigating Suri’s murder case and Bhanu’s settlements, are planning to register forgery case against her.
Bhanu Kiran encroached 25 acre land in Mahabubnagar District which belongs of Sunitha, who lives in USA, with the help of fake documents. During the time of registration, Bhanu produced the Anchor before the revenue officials in place of original owner of the property, Sunitha. believing the word, officials had completed the registration process. Both Bhanu and Mangali Krishna confessed the malpractice during the CID interrogation.
Although this Anchor claimed in the past that she is just a distant relative of Suri and has no connection with Bhanu, the reports of CID interrogation were proving that she had a role in the settlements. Bhanu gang has done hundreds of crores settlements and had also invested around Rs. 300 crores in nearly 12 to 15 films. Now, the same ill-gotten money pushed all the people involved in it into neck deep trouble.