TV Anchor Slaps Production Boy For Telling Opinion

She is one of the happening anchors in the TV circuit right now. And naturally, after getting stardom these hotties feel like whatever they do is accepted by the audiences. But with her looks getting some negative remarks these days, this anchor losing out certain chances.

Recently at the set of one of the popular TV shows in Annapurna Studios, this hottie got readied rather sexily in a caravan. She slipped into a short gown, giving a maximum peek of her assets. And there is one production boy working on that set who is known for his jovial nature. She called that boy and asked him this way.

“Arey Karroda!! How is my look today?”, she asked.

Without taking anything in a negative way for calling him a black guy, the production assistant replied, “Bagundi Akka”.

Then he added, “Kaani, Kasta Laavaipotunnav Akka. Dobbuga vuntey nuvvu bagov”. That made everyone around her, including her own makeup and a photographer guy broke into huge laughs.

Irritated by the way the production boy reminded her of a fact, she slapped him. Yes, she slapped him on his face and the guy left out without any single word.

As the anchor became very popular in the recent times, even the organisers will scold the boy only nevertheless he stated a fact.