TV Business : Midnight Masala To Daylight Bhajana

The economics of the TV industry has seen a rapid transition over the last decade and a half. Being a regular TV viewer, you would have noticed the change yourself. But here is an interesting observation in that transition. Earlier few TV channels were having midnight masala programs which had some hot sex scenes or erotic songs. 
The objective for that was to gain good TRP but all that monopoly began shaking after internet has invaded. The availability of 3G, 4G bandwidth made more spicy stuff available right in the mobile phone. With this, the importance of TV has reduced. So now, they have changed their business strategy. It has been discovered that at home only elder people and housewives are there. 
So, targeting both of them devotional channels have come in. The latest in that fray is a new channel called Pooja which is in test signal phase. That way, the Hindu channels are CVR Spiritual, Bhakti, Pooja, Om and each religion has its own specific channel. A lot of demand has risen for the programs and also for those who come to give discourses in the channel.
The TV business is no longer targeting youth. Instead, they are targeting housewives through serials and elderly people through devotional channels. Even for film related programs and shows the value is dipping. Even the Channels have stopped buying movies since the TRP is not coming for the films. That’s how things are working now folks!