Two Big Forces Forcing Rajnikanth To Stop??

What’s happening with Superstar Rajnikanth’s upcoming film “Kaala” which is pending a release from a time. Despite fixing June 7th as a release date, it looks like two big forces are going to stop the mighty hero from going ahead.

Reports have that Censor Board is having some issue with the Hindi version of the movie to go ahead. As the film deals with politics based out of a Mumbai slum, it looks like ruling BJP sarkar is unhappy with the film’s content as Rajni took a political plunge as well into Tamilnadu politics. If that is Hindi version, then Kannada version is not going to see light as the distributors took a call to not release movie owing to tensions between two states over Kaveri issue.

If political force is the first big thing that is posing as a major hurdle for Rajni, the second one is the age-old creature, the mighty dinosaur. Recently the release date of Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom has got advanced by a day in India, and the film is now hitting cinemas on June 7th. Nearly 2300+ screens are going to screen the movie in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and English versions across the country. Some distributors are said to be requesting Rajni to defer the release at least by a day such that Jurassic World will not dent Rajni’s collections.

Though Superstar has the big advantage over Dinosaurs, as his craze is pretty big than any other star, he should at least overcome Censor hurdles to get Kaala bang on target. Let’s see what happens.