Two Big Heroes For This Young Hero

You may find it unusual or not but the fact remains that in the entertainment industry, it always helps if you have a Godfather and the hand of someone powerful on your head. While some of the actors reveal about it, some do not. Now, the talk is on about the young hero Nithiin and the two big heroes for this handsome actor. 
Already, Nithiin has declared himself as a Pawan Kalyan fan and the power star coming to Nithiin’s film related event is routine. Now, the other side is that Nithiin has also got close to Akkineni family. For the audio release of ‘Chinnadana Nee Kosam’, Nagarjuna came as the chief guest for the event. 
The reason behind this bonding is, when ‘Manam’ story came to Nithiin camp from director Vikram Kumar, Nithiin’s father Sudhakar Reddy reportedly gave the idea of doing the film with ANR and his family. All in all, Nithiin has become close to two big stars, he has got their blessings and he is rocking now with his career and choice of films.