Two issues raise T-Movement Again !

Telangana movement is on the threshold of a revival what with the tendency of the state government and its policies. Two issues have flared up on the scene during the last one week period and those two seemed serious as per the version of the Telangana movement torch bearers.

The medical college admissions issue was the prime among the two, while the Krishna waters release matter to the delta farmer is also viewed as the issue of concern by the Telanganites. These two issues certainly awakened the spirit of the Telanganites and they started questioning the government of Andhra pradesh in particular and Congress leaders in general for their anti t attitude.
The issue has once again divided the leaders into two groups’ Seemandhra and Telangana respectively and the Krishna waters dispute was taken seriously even by the Twin cities leaders like Danam Nagender.
These two issues flared up surprisingly when the Rayala telangana leaks were set forth by the high command through the leaders like Gandra Ramana Reddy and TG Venkatesh. On the other hand the Central government’s stand on the Medical college seats in the state colleges has set the tempo on the student front for the revival of the movement.