Two Reasons for Kurnool Rachcha

Many people raised their eye brows when they came to know the news that ram charan’s ‘Rachcha’ audio release function would be held in the town of Kurnool. Off late, it has been a common practice that the audio release functions are held in Hyderabad. But why is this change of venue for the audio release function of ‘Rachcha’? Is there any strategy involved in it? According to the sources, two reasons are responsible for ‘Rachcha’s’ function at Kurnool. One of the reasons is said to be cine reason while the other one is political reason. Their details are as follows.
CINEMA REASON: ram charan’s ‘Magadheera’ movie had a marathon run of more than two years in Kurnool city. It is said to be an all time long run record for any Telugu movie in 81 years of Telugu film history. In token of expressing his gratitude to the people of Kurnool, ram charan is known to have recommended this venue to the makers.
POLITICAL REASON: It is a known thing that Allagadda MLA, Sobha Nagireddy is supporting YSR Congress Party. Chiranjeevi has reportedly felt that she has back stabbed him. He is said to have taken a decision to teach her a lesson by showing his power in Kurnool Parliamentary constituency and also to prove his craze among the people is unbreakable. So, he recommended the makers to arrange the audio release function in Kurnool city.