T’wood divided on Vizag land allocation?

Now that Telangana State is a reality, majority of Telugu film industry bigwigs, who hail from the successor state of Andhra Pradesh, are reportedly prodding the Union Government to fasten the process of lands allocation in Visakhapatnam for the “development of infrastructure”.

In fact, few years ago then government had issued a G.O allocating 316 acres of land between Nidigattu and Bheemunipatnam near Vizag. But no one from film industry showed interest to apply for it then apparently citing reasons like the land is not suitable for film production and the cost was too high (Rs 25 Lakh per acre) and industry was concentrated in Hyderabad. With Telangana State is declared now, filmmakers have reiterated their demand and this time, they’re pressing for lands in Visakhapatnam.

Industry buzz is that so far 20 persons have sought land to set up studios including few noted personalities. Few bigwigs, who own Studios in Hyderabad, are swiftly making their moves to bag chunk of the lands in Vizag. Naturally, this has invited flak, wrath from small-ticket filmmakers and producers. Producer Natti Kumar, who is native of Vizag, says, “We have approached higher authorities in government to allot land to those who were not allotted any land in Hyderabad. We also requested them to not to consider those who already benefited in Hyderabad.”

With this, a rift is said to be brewing between these two sections which may hamper the cordial relations. And few other industry people opine that they’re firm on producing films from Hyderabad. Many neutrals added that since Hyderabad is common capital for 10 more years, there may not be huge changes in film industry at least for next decade. On other side, there are many apprehensions over alleged threats from Telangana leaders, activists. Let’s wait and watch.