U-Turn Or ‘wait and watch’ policy?

Narendra Modi’s praise for KCR and Telangana government on the floor of the Parliament has indicated that a ‘pact’ between TRS and BJP is sprouting. Especially, Modi’s comments came in after KCR and KTR met Modi in Delhi separately within a gap of two weeks. Although there have been several speculations about BJP and TRS alliance, it all gained steam over the recent times.

Even during Amit Shah’s recent visit to Telanagana state, he hadn’t made any critical comments against the ruling TRS. In fact, Amit Shah had met couple of celebs, media baron Ramoji Rao and met local RSS leaders, BJP leaders and left. This also raised several eye-brows.

It all began after the result of Karnataka Assembly elections where JD(S) and Congress combine formed the government. KCR’s distant dreams of forming a Federal Front with non-BJP and non-Congress parties have hit rock bottom, post Karnataka result. KCR seems to have dropped his plans, took U-Turn and is now growing close to BJP, NDA.

It is buzzed that KCR wants to move onto the national politics and is wanting his son KTR to hand over the reigns of the state. However, TRS may not forge pre-poll alliance with the BJP in the state as it doesn’t want to lose its existing friend MIM. TRS is playing very smart card and is adopting ‘wait and watch’ policy. TRS is reportedly looking at a post-poll alliance with BJP if it comes to power.