Unexpected Chemistry Between Thamanna & Kalyan Ram

You can’t expect a class film from Raviteja and an oora mass movie from Mahesh Babu provided that their images are that way. But if they want to break the image, they should have done such things at the start of their career only. Here is why we are telling this.

Nearly after a decade of entertaining Telugu audiences, naturally people love to see Nandamuri Kalyan Ram in mass roles and Tamanna is the one who loves to be seen as cult masala heroine for her glamour treats. But they have done an unexpected thing now which could really shock the audiences.

Going by the trailer of Na Nuvve, we’ve to say that Kalyan Ram did this film as if this is the second project of his career. With suave looks and quiet dialogue delivery, he has simply stunned everyone. At the same time, known for her exaggerating dramatic performances, Tamanna also delivered a cool performance, sticking to the author backed writing. It’s tough to imagine her in such role after looking at her loud silver screen acts coupled with item numbers.

Looks like both Tamanna and Kalyan Ram reinvented their ways to come up with subtle yet intense performance and stupendous emotions. Let’s see how far director Jayendra has explored the best of them for “Na Nuvve”.