Upasana happy about Ram Charan’s injury

Please don’t misread the title! The thing is about the quality time they have got to spend due to the unexpected injury. It may be recalled that Charan had revealed that he and Upasana were not allowed to meet after dark, as both of their families are very conservative. Adding to that, Charan shoots till late in the evening, which hardly gives any time for them to spend together. His busy schedule (3 films on the sets, sittings for his Bollywood debut) has created an unwanted gap between them.
However, things changed a lot after Ram Charan’s five-inch muscle tear during the shoot of a song for ‘Racha’. Due to this injury, he was forced to take a break of nearly two weeks. And the sympathy for injured Charan has prompted both the families to lift the time limit restrictions. After all, Rules are meant to be broken!
During this period, the soon-to-be-wed couple came to know about each other very well and even Upasana was taking care of his health since then. What could be more happy than spending time with our loved ones! This quality time has recharged the energy of Charan, who is on a mission to wrap the shooting of Racha which is gearing for the worldwide release on April 5!