Upasana Reveals Her Promise to Chiru Mavayya

On the eve of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday on August 22, his doting daughter-in-law Upasana has given a special interview, and shared many interested details about Mega family.

‘Ram Charan is the best gift that Mavayya (father-in-law) gave to me,’ said Upasana. She further said that she too made a promise to Chiru on his birthday. ‘I promised him that I will forever keep Charan and Mega family happy and proud,’ revealed Upasana, who despite being ‘Mega family’s daughter-in-law’, has been excelling on her own as a businesswoman and a social reformer.

Upasana added, ‘Mavayya loves and encourages me a lot. He believes me, appreciates me whenever I achieve something and continually motivates me to do even better in future. His faith in me is something that gives huge confidence to me and also keeps remembering me my responsibilities.’

‘Charan has immense respect and love for his dad. I am hundred times happier than what my parents expected when they sent me as the daughter-in-law of Megastar Chiranjeevi. My in-laws even love the pets I brought with me,’ Upasana reportedly said in the same interview.