‘Aagadu’ Using The Power Of Internet


These days it is tough to find a computer or laptop that is not connected to virtual world alias internet. And if one could use the power of this powerful media, wonders could be done and if you have doubts, meet ‘Aagadu’ once.

Apparently the quick way to advertise a film on internet is to find out few happening movie websites and place ads as their landing pages. Otherwise, there should be promotions of Facebook and Twitter. ‘Aagadu’ makers have however carved a better strategy than this as they have got the idea of advertising on internet service provider’s website itself though they are promoting at other places too.

Before connecting to the web, anyone has to type their credentials in ‘login’ page of service provider and definitely they will graze at the ad present in that page. With ‘Beamtele’ being the most successful broadband provider across AP and Telangana, ‘Aagadu’ makers have now placed their ad on Beam’s login page. A click on that ad connects to Aagadu trailer on YouTube. What an idea sirji!!