‘Uu Kodathara..’ Is Last Film for that Hero

One needs to understand their saturation points before proceeding to do dozens of films in the tinsel town. Struggling hero Manoj knows that better than anyone.
In fact, Manoj is not just an actor, but an action choreographer and himself a stunt master. Though we know this earlier with movies like ‘Mr.Nookayya’, he is proving his talent once again with ‘Uu Kodathara. Ulikki Padataara’. Insiders are saying that Manoj has worked pretty hard for this movie as if this is the last film for him in the tinsel town.
The energy and enthusiasm we put in for a first film is obviously different from what we do in our last. They say that if ‘Uu Kodathara..’ fails to create magic for this young chap, he will stop creating magical scripts. Rather he would just listen to scripts from directors running behind him and would like to grow as a commercial hero. The trailers have created lot of buzz for this film packed with action, punch and graphics. Let’s wish him best!