Vatti insults Saibaba and Puttaparthi

Place of Puttaparthi gained global recognition during the time of Satya Sai Baba. Many devotes used to throng in to have a darshan of the holy person and many felt Puttaparthi is on the verge of becoming another Tirupathi and Shirdi. Though many may not agree with Sai Baba no one could but appreciate the monumental service rendered to the poor and needy through his trust and institutions. People of Ananthapur district still remember that it required the will power of Sai Baba to provide water to the entire district when Govt showed its helplessness and inability to solve the problem. Saibaba’s trust used to receive huge amounts of donations in various forms from across the world. No one used to question the usage of funds as people had immense faith in Saibaba. However after his heavenly journey things are not the same.
When Minister Vatti Vasanth Kumar commented that Puttaparthi’s sheen is reducing with less number of devotees visiting the place and promising developmental programs only if devotees increase, one gets the suspicion where siphoning of funds from the trust is already completed and ministers and Govt officials who spent days and nights together when Saibaba was ill and later after his demise, are getting ready to show step motherly treatment since their job is finished. Only God can unravel the secret.