Veena Malik’s Dirty Pic.(‘Nagna….’)

When it is veena malik in the lead, what more can audience expect and what more can directors and producers exploit from her other than hot and sexy skin show. Busy with offers from South, Veena has Kananda flick ‘Silk Sakkath Maga’ based on the life of Silk Smitha and there is also ‘Nagna Satyam’ in Telugu based on a real life incident.
Produced by Chadalawada Tirupathi Rao and Srinivas Rao, directed by Koorapati Rama Rao, the first bunch of pics from ‘Nagna Satyam’ are out on net. Obviously it is the outright spice from Veena and audiences are happy with it. If the same kind of treat is promised even on big screen, then Paki bold babe will get the definite recognition on what she is eligible for. Everyone knows the naked truth about veena malik and now presenting the same on screen will be hotter.