Vennela 11/2 makers waiting her to leave !

Our readers are aware that comedian Vennela Kishore had wielded megaphone with a movie titled ‘Vennela11/2’. The movie shooting was completed long ago and the audio launch event took place 3 months back. But the movie could not find buyers forcing the film cans to lie in the labs. Rumours were ripe that the movie is not convincing and require several re-shoots. However, the movie producers have refused to finance for the re-shoots.
Recently, Anil Sunkara, one of the producers of Dookudu agreed to buy the movie for entire AP.All these happened 2 months ago but there are no signs of release round the corner. When we inquired about the the reasons, we came to know that the movie is made of slapstick comedy and the makers are waiting for the regional censor board officer, Dhana Lakshmi to get transferred so as to avoid major cuts.