Versatile Hero’s Rare Disease Name Revealed

Some time ago, versatile hero Irrfan Khan has shocked everyone by revealing that he’s suffering from a rare disease. Since then there are various rumours doing rounds about the possible abnormality he is suffering from. Some even went to state that he’s suffering from brain cancer.

Though Irrfan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar wrote an open letter to media requesting fans to stay calm and allow God to take care of things, rumours never rested in peace. Finally, Irrfan himself took to social media yet again to announce that he is diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour. Though the actor hasn’t clarified if the tumour is just benign or malignant, he confirmed that the treatment to it will be done abroad.

He also took a shot at rumours, saying that, “Neuro means it is not about brain all the time and asked everyone to google about it”. Meanwhile, some Bollywood sources reported that this tumour has developed in Irrfan’s intestine.

As the actor has earlier said that it’s a rare disease, maybe the tumour is found somewhere else and also it may be dangerous. Hope he gets rid of the ailment soon, as the 51-year-old actor is said to be going to the USA to get treated.