Video: Drunk Man jumps into Tiger Den, Chases Tigers



Even before one could forget the tragic death of a boy who was mauled by a white Tiger in Delhi zoo two days ago, here is a shocking and weird video that is going viral online. A man had dared tigers by jumping into its enclosure in a Zoo in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh later this year (May 2014). Call it a sheer destiny or luck, he survived and managed to escape without sustaining any injuries after spending a whopping 45 minutes inside the enclosure.

Man, who was said to be in inebriated condition, took off his shirt and jumped into Tigers enclosure which has two tigers (Lav and Kush). He dared the tigers by chasing them and he even entered into its den. He later did meditation taking onlookers by surprise. But luckily, tigers didn’t harm the man.

Police had caught him and booked a case of abatement of suicide against him. The man was later identified as an engineering student of a private engineering college in Indore. His father claimed that the boy was suffering from insomnia. That’s the story folks.