Vijaya Shanti on Chiru, Pawan Kalyan!

Admist speculations that Vijaya Shanti and Chiranjeevi would do a joint political campaign for Congress in Telangana, Vijaya Shanti, who is appointed as the adviser for the Election Campaign Committee of Telangana Congress unit, has responded and clarified that she doesn’t have any such information. Almost ruling out campaigning with Chiru, Vijaya Shanti said, “I don’t know anything about it. It didn’t come to me. We are not thinking of Andhra leaders.”

When asked whether Chiru, Balayya and herself would campaign, Vijaya Shanti reiterated that they were busy in Andhra where they belong to.

Earlier when Chiru had floated his political party PRP, Vijaya Shanti was in TRS. She had then criticized Chiru. Now that both Chiru and Vijaya Shanti are in Congress in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana respectively, speculations are rife that Congress to go for a multi-starrer campaign and Balayya from ally TDP may join them.

Meanwhile, Vijaya Shanti is not in the fray for Assembly elections. She reportedly told party that she would be interested to contest for Parliament. Congress is toying with the idea of fielding Vijaya Shanti from Secunderabad constituency.

I Don’t Know About Janasena

Interestingly, when asked to comment about Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party and its prospects in Telangana, Vijaya Shanti said she has no clue about Pawan’s Janasena. It can be noted that Pawan had earlier announced that Janasena would contest in Telangana polls, but now, Pawan seems to had a change of mind and is solely focusing on Andhra Pradesh politics.