Vijayasai Reddy Touches Modi’s Feet!

The actions of YSRCP leaders, especially of Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy, are posing questions on the party’s honesty in moving No Confidence motion against the Centre.

On one side, in front of Telugu people, Vijasai Reddy has been making tall claims of moving No Confidence motion against the NDA govt. and thus fighting to achieve Special Category Status (SCS) for AP, but off the record, he is having secret meetings with PMO.

On Tuesday, Reddy allegedly showcased his genuine stance against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s govt. by touching the PM’s feet. Yes, reports claim that Vijayasai Reddy touched Modi’s feet, in a gesture of wishing him, in the Rajya Sabha today. In response, the PM patted his shoulder.

This alleged action of Reddy hints that YCP’s No Confidence motion and all is nothing but a drama to appease AP people and in reality, they are trying to get in the good books of Modi, even if they have to touch his feet for that.