Vijayashanthi loses Confidance in KCR ?

Veteran heroine Vijayashanti does not even believe in her brother regarding the promises about T-state. While she aimed to talk against YSR-C, she criticized her own party people, shockingly.
‘May be KCR is having belief that Telangana will come in 3 months. But I don’t believe his words. The agitation should be intensified, else we cannot get separate state’, stated Vijayshanti about her political brother and TRS chief. Already, everyone is eagerly waiting for KCR to come out of shell as he is not coming out into media after prez-polls to talk about his prediction on T. Now Vijayashanti’s comments are adding fuel to the speculations that KCR’s strategic silence is politically motivated. If his own party people including his sister do not believe his words, when will T-people believe KCR?
Time for TRS to re-work their strategies as just taking pot-shots at other parties will not work for life time.