Vijayashanti’s Re-Entry Against KCR

During the Telangana agitation time, the TRS chief KCR grabbed the limelight and image. During that phase, even Vijayashanti also made some noise. But she could not gather that momentum so she joined hands with KCR. Now Telangana is formed, Vijayashanti has parted ways with KCR and TRS has become a formidable force. In order to develop as an alternate force in Telangana, only Congress is standing against KCR and TDP to an extent. 
But Congress is a national party and TDP is an Andhra party. Nobody is there on the local ground to stand opposite KCR. Sources say this is the right time Vijayashanthi is rethinking to make her re-entry with Thalli Telangana party. She wants to focus on pockets where anti-KCR feeling is there and cash on that sentiment. Bottomline is, public will vote only for development and welfare and not for sentiment anymore since the state has formed.
If people are disappointed with KCR they will look for alternative but they will not go by sentiment again. However, some say sentiment will not die, it will always be there. The political experts say Vijayashanti is doing the right thing if she re-launches Thalli Telangana and plan her moves carefully. Let us see what happens.