Vijayashanti’s Violence VS Vijayamma’s Solace

Bonhomie between TRS and YSRCP seems to have ended the moment TRS scraped through with wafer thin margin in Parakal. The shock Koda Surekha gave to TRS left entire top brass of the party shivering and now the battle lines for Supremacy in the Telangana region are drawn. Though Jagan in Jail he is directing his party leaders to go aggressively in the region highlighting issues that are important to people. TRS till now neglected all the basic issues issuing statements that once Telangana is formed all those issues would disappear like miracle and in the moment of heat people believed. Now realisation dawned on them that TRS is not interested in achieving statehood but to increase its seats affecting byelections.

Vijayamma YSRCP’s Leader sought to address Silicila weavers real issues and give them soothing feeling and assurances. YSRCP’s main strategy is assuage, sooth and add cooling edge to the hurt feelings of people and though they don’t address people are mesmerised with their sweet words. Sweet words and sugar coated ones will act instantly than words that spit venom.However KCR’s adopted sister Vijayashanti, yesteryear heroine turned politician seems not to learn this but is under impression that her popularity increases in leaps and bounds in Telangana by spitting venom on Seemandhra people.
She thinks that her telangana popularity is inversly proportional to seemandhra bashing conveniently forgetting the fact that she earned her stardom as people loved and adored her as they treated her as their own family member cutting across regions. People realised her true intentions when she tried politicising deaths of small kids in nilofer hospital, seperating them as telangana and seemandhra. It is time Vijayashanti realise that her aggressive Lady Amitabh image will not do wonders in real life.