Vikrama Simha Movie Review – 2.5/5


Movie : Vikrama Simha

Rating :2.5/5 

Cast: Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone, R Sarathkumar, Aadhi, Shobana, Jackie Shroff, Nassar, Rukmini Vijayakumar etc

Story, Screenplay: KS Ravikumar

Direction: Soundarya R Ashwin

Dialogues: Sri Ramakrishna

Music: AR Rahman

Camera: Rajiv Menon

Editing: Anthony

Date: 23-05-2014

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Vikrama Simha Movie Review – 2.5/5

Movie Story :

Rana (Rajinikanth) is Senadhipathi at Kalinga Puram Kingdom ruled by King (Jackie Shroff). Rana is very much close to prince (Aadhi). Kalinga puram declares war on neighbor territory of Kota Pattanam ruled by Ugra Simha (Nasser). Sarath Kumar is Ugra Simha’s son. Here comes the twist, Rana calls off the battle as he comes to Kalinga Puram to rescue slave soldiers from Kota Pattanam.

Ugra Simha shocks watching Rana as he seems replica of Vikrama Simha (Rajinikanth). Ugra Simha daughter Princess Vandana (Deepika Padukone) falls flat for Rana while Sarath Kumar is in love with Rana’s sister Yamuna (Rukmini). However Rana promises them to get acceptance for the marriage from Ugra Simha.

Rana saves Ugra Simha from an accident and the king in return accepts for Sarath Kumar and Yamuna marriage. Another twist in the tale is the person attacking Ugra Simha is none other than Rana himself. He is put in jail. Here Rana narrates the reason for his attack on king.

Vikrama Simha was a Veera Sainyadhipathi for Kota Pattanam. Jealous of his rising fame in the kingdom, Ugra Simha traps and kills Vikrama Simha. How Rana takes revenge on Ugra Simha? How he faces attack of Kalinga Puram? Will Rana ever meet his missing brother Sena (Rajinikanth)? What happens to Rana and Vandana love?

Movie Advantages :

1. Visual Effects

2. AR Rahman songs, background score

3. Story

4. Rajinikanth

5. Rich production values in limited budget

Movie Drawbacks :

1. Animation work

2. Non lip sync

3. Character’s modelling

4. Simple end

5. Lagging screenplay

6. Logics missing

Analysis :

First of all director Soundarya Ashwin should be appreciated for introducing the technology- ‘3D motion capture’ to Indian Cinema. In fact, these kinds of films are made of huge budgets and it takes long time to complete production and post production works. All the sequences are to be shot in specially equipped setup in indoor studio and the background is created through computer generated graphics.

Rajinikanth has done well but the poor post production work damaged the real emotions. Rajinikanth is god to masses because of styling, which is actually missing in the film. How can we define artists performance when the animation work is deprived. Deepika character looked odd and others 3D models were also pretty ordinary. Except for Rajinikanth and Nasser, everyone got short roles. Sarath Kumar character ends all of a sudden and Aadhi didn’t get much to perform.

Vikrama Simha line story is good; however the screenplay is pathetic with boring narration. Soundarya’s direction is okay.

AR Rahman song compositions are good and background score is major asset. Anthony’s editing is decent. Rajiv Menon’s cinematography is worth a special mention.

Because of the less budget (120 crores), limited animation artists and short time period (2 years), it resulted a poor output. Animation work was not upto the mark. You don’t get the right feeling of watching animated characters of Indian leading actors. Character modeling, rigging and execution of motion captured animation to the 3D models has come out a big blunder. They didn’t follow any of animation rules such as – follow through, squash and stretch, secondary action, exaggeration etc for any sequence in the movie.

Though animation work is pretty ordinary, VFX is top notch.

Note: VFX is entirety different from animation. VFX (Visual Effects) means the graphical work what you watch on screen. And 2D or 3D character designing, rigging, character motion, comes under animation.

Movie Punchline (Movie Talk): Rajinikanth Missing