Vinayak Charging More Than Rajamouli?

Of course, there is no official disclosure about the amount of remuneration our star directors’ charge. But we could sense a whiff from trade pundits and some insider revelations. Going by such reports, we have to say that perfectionist director SS Rajamouli charges nearly 15 crores to carve out a flick. And now, he is beaten it seems. Apparently, mass-action director Vinayak is a big league director but is not in the elite league of two-digit crore clubs.
Things have changed massively with Bellamkonda Suresh offering him something he couldn’t deny to launch his son Srinivas. For Alludu Seenu, Vinayak was paid a bomb including a villa in posh Jubilee Hills area. A birdie from Annapurna Studios has now revealed that he demanded much more from King Nagarjuna to wield megaphone for Akhil’s debut flick. The ‘Tagore’ director is pocketing more than 16 crores, they add. In that case, Vinayak is charging more than Rajamouli for sure.