Viral Photo: A Sad Superstar Sleeping Under his Famous Bronze Statue

A photo of world renowned bodybuilder, actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sleeping in the street under his famous bronze statue at Columbus, Ohio, has gone viral, and not for a pleasing reason.

Reportedly, Arnold has recently shared this picture, writing sadly, ‘How times changed’. Through the picture, he was conveying a message that people’s respect for you changes with time.

Going into details, Arnold had opened the hotel with his statue in front of it when he was the governor of California. At that time, the hotel officials assured him that a room would always be reserved in his name and that he could check in at any time.

When Arnold recently went to the hotel, the management however refused to give him a room stating that all rooms were completely packed. A disappointed Arnold then slept in the street under the statue in front of the hotel. He can well afford any hotel he wants, but he wanted to convey a message to people through his act.

Later, with a post on social media, he conveyed a message that when he was in a powerful position, everyone including the hotel management was praising him, but as he lost his position now, they conveniently forgot their promise to him.