Voice therapy for Mahesh Babu’s Bava

Prince Mahesh Babu has been causing a mania across the box office and his tsunami has been very difficult to control or compete by any other star. Meanwhile, another member from his family has now forayed into the cine circuit as a hero. He is Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bava’ Sudhir Babu.
Sudhir has made his debut with the film ‘SMS’ and here is an inside update. It is heard that those who saw the film have given a common advice to Sudhir. That he should go through voice therapy before he renders his voice for his next project. Apparently, they have given marks to Sudhir on his performance but they say his dialogue delivery was not appealing.
While some say that his voice came out flat few others say there was no energy or variation in it. As such, the dialogue delivery plays a key role for any hero. So, it remains to be seen whether Sudhir Babu will take this feedback seriously and work on it or not.