Vote Banks washes safety!

Come rainy season hyderabadis horrendous experience starts.Political parties in power issue statements visiting water clogged places that steps would be taken on war scale. Opposition as usual train their guns on the ruling government. But the ground situation will never change though parties in power changes. Govt in power may show towering buildings, posh villas, flyovers connecting various places, metros and hitech cities. However other side burst the bubble out of their tall claims with 24/7 leaking drainage, roads with pits which never saw development since 3 decades, no water supply for weeks together, uninterrupted power cuts.
To the top of it you have double registrations, cheating, encroachments, illegal constructions. People wonder how could all this happen had there been honest officials working sincerely for the development of people. But with lower middle class and downtrodden selling their votes for momentary benefits and all political parties interested in vote banks, safety of citizens is washed away in encroachment floods. Unless until change starts in the heart of each individual and then with his family, influencing the society as a whole, one can not expect wonders solving the day to day problems of the people.
People should introspect as to what they want. Momentary monetary benefits which solves the problem temporarily or permanent solution which gives better future for the generations ahead.