We Want Jr NTR, TDP Workers Demand Babu

The demand for Jr NTR is growing in Telugu Desam Party. After NRIs raised similar issue in front of Nara Lokesh during his visit to the United States, the latest is several TDP workers from Telangana have asked Chandrababu Naidu to give ‘responsibility’ to Jr NTR in Telangana.

TDP party workers from Telangana, who interacted with Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday, have also issued ‘ultimatum’ to party’s national president Chandrababu amidst reports, speculations of ‘merging’ TDP’s Telangana unit with the TRS. The TDP party workers in Telangana told Naidu that they would “commit suicide” if Telangana unit of TDP is merged into TRS.

Chandrababu has immediately assured all the party workers that those speculations are “baseless” and told them that TDP would last forever.  He tried to instill confidence among TDP workers in Telangana that party would survive this and would bounce back like how phoenix rises from ashes.

Talking about the topic of alliance regarding upcoming general election (2019), Naidu said that the party would take final call only after considering the mood, feedback of the local party leaders, party workers from Telangana. With BJP’s Telangana unit already made it clear that it will not collaborate with TDP in Telangana, Chandrababu also ruled out of forging alliance with TRS due to the pressure from leadership in Telanagana state. Naidu said that the party would take appropriate decision based on the opinion of the party workers.

However, Naidu was silent when the topic of Jr NTR is raised. Having said this, Naidu too wasn’t surprised or shocked, but he handled the issue with grace.

Many senior leaders of TDP from Andhra are opinion that Jr NTR hasn’t shouldered TDP in 2014 general elections when it is much needed. 2014 elections were ‘do or die’ for TDP in AP and Jr NTR couldn’t campaign for the party for the reasons best known for him and Chandrababu. However, with the support of Pawan Kalyan, TDP smoothly sailed to victory in 2014 in AP and also BJP gained hugely in AP through TDP and Janasena.