They Want To Pull Prabhas For Padmavathi

The news we watch and read many times that comes from big media houses is often modified. It is changed to the needs of some political outfits and then managed in such a way that people understand it in the way political biggies want to.

When you read the latest news of many caste-based groups giving warnings to Deepika Padukone and Bhansali, there are such cases to be understood. Recently All India Kshatriya Mahasabha, the nationwide union of people belonging to Kshatriya caste, actually wanted to bring Baahubali Prabhas to debate on Padmavathi issue. They tried their best for the hunk hero to be kept in the picture, but Krishnam Raju is said to have used political power to stop it. Wonder why?

Needless to say, Prabhas’ hails from the same Kshatriya caste and his uncle Krishnam Raju is also part of some of these associations. For that reason, they wanted Prabhas to voice out his opinions. But the true sense of this aspect is, TRPs will increase if Baahubali speaks about Padmavathi controversy.

In the wake of some people giving ‘beheading’ warnings to Deepika like terrorists, which celebrity will anyway dare to take part in debates even if they are not linked by castes? If anyone is willing, that’s a good sign for sure.