Who Wants To See You As PM, Mr Naidu?

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu often gives an impression that he actually deserves the Prime Minister’s post and has not been showing interest in the big post in the interest of the people of his state.More often than not, Naidu said in public that he had got an opportunity to become the Prime Minister in 90’s but he had rejected the offer as he was keen on developing the state.

While coming out of the National Democratic Alliance also, he said the same thing saying he was not interested in becoming the Prime Minister and Narendra Modi need not be apprehensive that he would be a competitor for the big chair.While addressing the TDP coordination committee meeting, too, Naidu said though the TDP would play a major role in bringing all the opposition parties together to form a federal front at the national level, he would not be interested to be a PM’s candidate for the front.

“We are going to play a major role at the national level in the coming general elections and unite all the opposition parties, but I personally do not enter national politics,” he said.

He said he was not interested in becoming the Prime Minister.

“But I am keen on playing the role of a king maker in determining who will be the next PM. I will dedicate my life to the development of the state as a role model for the entire country,” he said.Well, first of all, nobody ever wished or wanted Naidu to enter national politics and become the Prime Minister. There are several stalwarts already in the queue even from the opposition and in terms of popularity, as several surveys indicated, Naidu figures somewhere at the bottom.

Secondly, the TDP is struggling to retain its power for the second time in Andhra Pradesh in ensuing assembly elections. And Naidu’s position as the chief minister itself is in danger.So, he should better concentrate on retaining his position, rather than projecting a larger than life picture of himself!