War between Chiru fans and Pawan fans

The reports of rift between Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan is now leading to a war-like situation between their fan base. The fans of both these heroes were indulging in mud-slinging acts.
“Without Chiru, there is no Pawan Kalyan. He is currently enjoying the hard earned fan base of Chiru, which he has built over the past three decades. One shouldn’t forget the roots. It’s time for Pawan to come clean and clear the air. Only then the controversy will end,” said a hardcore Chiru Fan.
However, Pawan fans have a thing or two to say here. “Pawan has his own identity. Chiru lost his credibilty after his entry into the political arena due to several factors (Neglecting fans during 2009 elections, reports of selling party tickets and merger with Congress). On the other hand, Pawan stood by his word that he would quit politics completely if PRP fails to win atleast 65 seats in the 2009 polls. There lies the difference between the duo,” said a Pawan fan.
The differences in the Mega camp will neither benefit the heroes nor the fans. Let’s see where this is gonna end!!!